haul & first impressions / make-up + skincare


bauty skincare Haul

I recently did a bit of shopping so it’s time for a haul! The two things I ordered online are Clinique’s mild clarifying lotion and the moisture surge face spray the latter is a good, unscented spray and creates a nice mist but just for that it’s to expensive and I’d rather opt for a lush toner spray e.g. Eau Roma Water. The Clarifying Lotion was what I really liked, I alternate this with a glycolic toner in the evening and after the first few days I noticed it really helped my skin being more clear and calm without any drying so this will probably be a winner on the long run.

Essence waterproof mascaraEssence “I love extreme” waterproof mascara, black

Next up is a new waterproof mascara I got from the drugstore this gives really great volume to the lashes but the brush is so huge that it takes a little practice and at first I really was confused because I already have a none waterproof version of the mascara in a pink tube which has a smaller silicone wand (???) The real downside is that it smudges more than the non waterproof version so I will test it more the next few weeks and we’ll see…

manhattan palette, maybelline color tattoo creme de rose
These two got me really excited: the new Maybelline Color Tattoo and the limited edition eye shadow quad from Manhattan because this has exactly the peachy/orange shimmer in that I was on the hunt for (since seeing nars’ shadow in Europa). The Color Tattoo is a new creamy matte formula in the color Cremé de rose and a beautiful, affordable base or everyday simple worn on it’s own. The quad is great quality for the price (around 3,50€) and easy color addition to a basic nude palette – I really like every color.

002 long island eyes teaMahanhattan Eyemazing eyeshadow quad in 002 Long-island Eyes tea
swatches: top left to bottom right


If you have a waterproof mascara recommendation I would be glad to hear – I’m always picking the wrong ones it seems and if you have seen any other colors of the new Maybelline creamy-matte Color tattoos or a dupe for nars Europa let me know!

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