headphones on: My favourite podcasts



It’s been a while since Serial got me all podcast-crazy and I have since discovered a lot of other great shows to listen to online all across the board. Mostly I listen to them on Soundcloud because the platform is just the best to follow/share/organize – If you have any other favorite podcasts or episodes let me know, hope you enjoy!



As the name would suggest Criminal focuses on crime stories but with a different twist as it always gives you a behind-the-scenes insight on either the crime committer or the case itself. What I love most is the variety of stories told, from creepy murder in the 1800s to drug abuse in the 50s and 60s – which is a favorite episode of mine:


#Girlboss radio

Is a feminist podcast by Sophia Amoruso giving career and life advice. In every episode she interviews driven and self confident women – but it’s more of a chat between friends in which you get a glimpse of how things in the real world are really working. Also if you’re a beauty addict you must listen to her talking to Emily Weiss, the founder of Glossier:



Is a great podcast for everyone figuring life out- if you’re in your 20s or early 30s it helps knowing that you are not alone in your quarter-life-crisis and if you’re older you can probably listen to this and be like ‘Oh yeah, that was me’. Megan – the host of the show takes you through her struggles after graduating (first season) and then adds her listeners own adult struggle stories to the podcast as well (second season). Best to start with the first episode as they follow up each other:


The Haunted Estate

If you like ghost stories this one is for you – show host Celina reads and plays you the creepy and paranormal experiences of her audience, which leaves you guessing if they where true or not while also sharing hers as well. This one is my favorite stories, cementary involved (starts at 16:54):

If you need additional spook-out Real Ghost Stories Online is along he same lines and really great, too (you can also listen to this one on podbay).


Dear Hank and John

This podcast is hosted by Hank and John Green, best known for their Youtube channel vlogbrothers. A chatty, talking about everything (science, sport, politics and general nonsense) show where you also can submit questions to both Hank and John to then receive dubious advice which is a lot of fun to listen to. This one I love in particular because it’s with their mom (and therefore really funny):


I Want to Like You

Ever been angry at nosy, annoying people? Then listen to this podcast that features a special kind of unlikable people in each episode, analyzing their general behavior and giving you advice on how to react to them when you get seriously annoyed – this one about people that give unsolicited advice constantly (your mom?) it’s great:


The Weeds

If you are interested in politics and current things happening in the world you should give this a go. The hosts Matt, Ezra and Sarah talk about how current events (like Brexit) may really affect us and how legislation and government work in the US. This episode was released pre-brexit:

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