the pill – and why I stopped taking it


Today I want to talk about my experience with the pill as I have the feeling this is something every women needs to know about and we cannot share enough on this topic.

So, I started taking the pill when I was 17 because of protection and my irregular period. It was fine (at least I thought) I got a bit grumpy the week before my period – which actually is technically not a real period because you don’t develop an egg, your body is basically lied to by hormones, making it think your pregnant 3 out of 4 weeks a month.

Nevertheless I liked being on the pill, it’s like a clockwork that you don’t have to worry about – but when I was 23 my boyfriend he told me that while he could cope with my angry mood the week prior the bloodshed, he was a bit worried (his mum a nurse) and so I checked in with my gynecologist – who is basically great and taught me sooo much.

So she advised me to switch to another pill, that was not as strong using a slightly different blend of hormones.

And then shit got real!

I took this pill for a total of 1.5 months and it was all kinds of horrible. I was taking it maybe 2 weeks when I got really depressed, thinking I was completely alone in the world, starting to cry for no reason – since I’m an over thinker I attributed it to studying stress, it took me a few weeks to realize that it may be he new medication – and of to the doctor I went again, here’s how she explained the going-ons to me:

my body was noticing that something meddled with my hormones (because of the lower dosage) and basically went against that to protect itself – while therefore turning me into a crying wreck. That blew my mind – YOUR BODY NOTICES YOUR FUCKING WITH IT!

So she presented to me two options: going back to the pill I took before, or quitting hormonal contraception altogether (at least for a while)

Needless to say that after this roller-coaster hormonal free sounded great!
I was a bit unsure about if condoms (which we opted for) were as save but trust me, they are if used right. In the following months I got my period very irregularly and was at my doctor’s office a few times to check that I was not pregnant.

Sometimes I had one period in 8 weeks, sometimes in 6 – this phase can last over 6 months and that is completely normal because if you took he pill for a few years your body needs to find the right rhythm. There are some plant-based thing you can take to help that process – I for example took one pill a day with chaste tree extract and it helped a great deal.

Now I’m off the pill for at least 4 years and I’m glad for it – because everything around my period has calmed down so much – my mood is better, even though I can get a little angry or whiny before, the system runs quite punctual and I would never consider taking hormones again. Not to say the pill is generally bad for if I had a 16 year-old daughter I’d probably get her to something secure as the pill.

I’m only saying look after yourself, educate yourself and listen to your body. Because the pill does affect your body a lot (higher risk of breast cancer) and mind (risk of depression, anxiety) so ask your doctor, read the instruction of the pill you’re getting!

If you want to, leave your experiences down below – I’d love to know how everybody feels about this

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