headphones on: My favourite podcasts



It’s been a while since Serial got me all podcast-crazy and I have since discovered a lot of other great shows to listen to online all across the board. Mostly I listen to them on Soundcloud because the platform is just the best to follow/share/organize – If you have any other favorite podcasts or episodes let me know, hope you enjoy!

Must read / Eligible by Curtis Sittenfield a Modern Pride and Prejudice



Who ever loves Pride and Prejudice and appreciates a good fan fiction or sequel will just love this book. The base of the story is that of Elizabeth and Darcy but it is retold in the setting of modern day america – which to be honest put me off a first because they are British, aren’t they? But never mind that, it’s going to be good!

Here is a little recap of where we start of: Elizabeth and Jane Bennet are both in their late 30s living in NYC when their father back at home in Cincinnati suffers from a heart attack that causes them to (temporarily) move in with their parents again to help. At the same time Mr. Bingley who is a doctor (and harvard graduate) moves to Cincinnati for a job at the hospital joining his friend Darcy there, who is a snobbish neuro-surgeon. Having been some two years prior on a bachelor-esc type of dating show Bingley is widely known around – his wealth as well as his wanting to find true love…