chinese ginseng & rice clarifying polishing mask



Walking into the bodyshop in Hamburg’s main station I was set on trying one of the then new masks, the smell of this made decision quick and I have since used it at least once a week as a little wellness pamper.

The smell of this is fresh and zingy (just go sniff for yourself for lack of proper description) it looks quite plain in the pot but it’s not just white paste, thank god.

Top 4 cleansing balms

beauty, cruelty free


So with the weather changing and getting colder my skin just hates me – so I figured yours might, too. What a great time to share my favorite greases to put on my face – and please tell me yours to because I love cleansing balms. By the way, these four are all cruelty free, I use them mostly at night time giving my skin a good massage before removing it with a damp, warm washcloth or flannel.

Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation

beauty, cruelty free


I was really thrilled when I got this in the mail (my local body shop didn’t stock it) because I had tried the Lacome cushion – which is really good – but since going cruelty free I would not repurchase. So here I am beyond exited for a cruelty free cushion foundation I could easily get my hands on only to find it doesn’t work for me.

Skincare Staple: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil


Pai bioregenerate rosehip oil serum

This oil was my first “proper” skincare purchase when I first got in to all things beauty over three years ago – and I’m still loving  everything about it, starting with the beautiful orange color! I began using this because I had perioral dermatitis and was after two months of no skincare or makeup just building up a gentle skincare routine again.

Being afraid of regular moisturizer because over-moisturizing just makes your skin worse I opted for face oil. I chose Pai because they dedicate their skincare especially to sensitive and problematic skin, all products are cruelty free and organic with no nasty stuff to irritate your face which I found this very much true with this oil.

The Smudgeproof mascara

beauty, cruelty free


I have been on the hunt for a new mascara since using cruelty-free products because I would no longer buy L’oreal or Maybelline. I often wear contacts so mascara for me needs to be completely  smudge free and fast drying which most waterproof ones failed quite terribly but the NYX more to love (which is technically not even waterproof) has stood out so much that I have been using it ever since.

Hydrating Serums: Hylamide & Hydraluron

beauty, cruelty free

Hylamide HA low molecular serum

First off – does anybody else wonder why magenta seems to be the color of hydration? anyone in marketing who may know?

What they are: hydrating serums with hyaluronic acid both a clear gel and cruelty free (yay!)
How I use them: apply a pea size amount on to slighty damp (not wet) skin after cleansing, or acid tone in the morning. Then use spray, moisturizer and/or oil, SPF as usual. You always want to put a watery product on top so he hyaluronic acid can then absorb this moisture to keep your skin plump and hydrated troughout the day.
They also work great put on before any moisturizing mask (like Origins drink up or Bodyshop’s vitamin e).

Summer Bronze: The Bodyshop Drops of Sun



I am so excited about these – I have been on the hunt for a cruelty-free cream/liquid bronzer that didn’t cost a fortune for the last two summers, thanks bodyshop!

So let’s get into it: I bought them on thursday when I saw the bodyshops instagram and am now (sunday) completly obsessed! The Drops look pretty scary at first because it’s just black liquid but as you can see in the pictures below they blend in very beautifully.

The Bodyshop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – a review


bodyshop camomile silky cleansing oil

Since this is practically empty and I am about to repurchase, I thought I’d give you a quick review. This is a really, really great cleanser it does a very good and gentle job at taking make-up, even mascara off – as good as Cliniques take the day off balm (but it takes a little bit more time for full on waterproof many coats on the lashes).