Hydrating Serums: Hylamide & Hydraluron

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Hylamide HA low molecular serum

First off – does anybody else wonder why magenta seems to be the color of hydration? anyone in marketing who may know?

What they are: hydrating serums with hyaluronic acid both a clear gel and cruelty free (yay!)
How I use them: apply a pea size amount on to slighty damp (not wet) skin after cleansing, or acid tone in the morning. Then use spray, moisturizer and/or oil, SPF as usual. You always want to put a watery product on top so he hyaluronic acid can then absorb this moisture to keep your skin plump and hydrated troughout the day.
They also work great put on before any moisturizing mask (like Origins drink up or Bodyshop’s vitamin e).

Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir Intense Serum – a minireview



When I recently bought a new sunscreen for my skin I got a little tube of this Lancaster Serum with DNA action complex, I had never heard of nor read about it and apparently it has been around for a few years so either underrated or just not so good.

So before even putting it on my face I was like “oh ok, I’ll try it but won’t like it for sure” the first time using it I detected some shimmer in the milky-pink liquid – immediate turn off! But oh wow did that change when I put it on my face because: instant sink-in plus instant hydration.