Top 4 cleansing balms

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So with the weather changing and getting colder my skin just hates me – so I figured yours might, too. What a great time to share my favorite greases to put on my face – and please tell me yours to because I love cleansing balms. By the way, these four are all cruelty free, I use them mostly at night time giving my skin a good massage before removing it with a damp, warm washcloth or flannel.

Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation

beauty, cruelty free


I was really thrilled when I got this in the mail (my local body shop didn’t stock it) because I had tried the Lacome cushion – which is really good – but since going cruelty free I would not repurchase. So here I am beyond exited for a cruelty free cushion foundation I could easily get my hands on only to find it doesn’t work for me.

Skincare Staple: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil


Pai bioregenerate rosehip oil serum

This oil was my first “proper” skincare purchase when I first got in to all things beauty over three years ago – and I’m still loving  everything about it, starting with the beautiful orange color! I began using this because I had perioral dermatitis and was after two months of no skincare or makeup just building up a gentle skincare routine again.

Being afraid of regular moisturizer because over-moisturizing just makes your skin worse I opted for face oil. I chose Pai because they dedicate their skincare especially to sensitive and problematic skin, all products are cruelty free and organic with no nasty stuff to irritate your face which I found this very much true with this oil.

Lush Ultra Bland – a review

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Lush Ultrabland clenser

I just love this now, but it took me a while to get the hang of it though because this was the first balm cleanser I’d ever used and I had no clue that you are supposed to take this off with a flannel and tried very hard to remove it just with water (doesn’t emulsify whatsoever) and was left with a thick residue on my face that was not pretty either – stupid me! And then I was especially angry at it for not removing my waterproof mascara BUT once I discovered the perfect Balm for that (Clinique take the day off) Ultrabland and I became very good friends…