chinese ginseng & rice clarifying polishing mask



Walking into the bodyshop in Hamburg’s main station I was set on trying one of the then new masks, the smell of this made decision quick and I have since used it at least once a week as a little wellness pamper.

The smell of this is fresh and zingy (just go sniff for yourself for lack of proper description) it looks quite plain in the pot but it’s not just white paste, thank god.

Top 4 cleansing balms

beauty, cruelty free


So with the weather changing and getting colder my skin just hates me – so I figured yours might, too. What a great time to share my favorite greases to put on my face – and please tell me yours to because I love cleansing balms. By the way, these four are all cruelty free, I use them mostly at night time giving my skin a good massage before removing it with a damp, warm washcloth or flannel.

Skincare Staple: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil


Pai bioregenerate rosehip oil serum

This oil was my first “proper” skincare purchase when I first got in to all things beauty over three years ago – and I’m still loving  everything about it, starting with the beautiful orange color! I began using this because I had perioral dermatitis and was after two months of no skincare or makeup just building up a gentle skincare routine again.

Being afraid of regular moisturizer because over-moisturizing just makes your skin worse I opted for face oil. I chose Pai because they dedicate their skincare especially to sensitive and problematic skin, all products are cruelty free and organic with no nasty stuff to irritate your face which I found this very much true with this oil.

Exfoliating Toner with Glycolic acid

Glycolatic + Liquid Gold

Glycolic Acid Toner & Liquid Gold 

Don’t be scared, because these can change your skin completely! I started using Toners and masks with glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid about a year ago and although you can use them every day or every other day they come in best when your skin is crazy because of stress, hormones, lack of sleep etc.

Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir Intense Serum – a minireview



When I recently bought a new sunscreen for my skin I got a little tube of this Lancaster Serum with DNA action complex, I had never heard of nor read about it and apparently it has been around for a few years so either underrated or just not so good.

So before even putting it on my face I was like “oh ok, I’ll try it but won’t like it for sure” the first time using it I detected some shimmer in the milky-pink liquid – immediate turn off! But oh wow did that change when I put it on my face because: instant sink-in plus instant hydration.